Kyle Root  is a published and award winning photographer who has been into landscape and nature photography since 2012. His work has been featured on national sites such as The Weather Channel and also on all the major network affiliates in Huntsville and even some in Birmingham. In 2016 and 2017 he began blending his love of nature photography with wedding work. This unique combination has propelled him to the forefront in the local wedding photo market for brides who are looking for something different and more personal in the wedding photos.


Kyle has been a wedding videographer in North Alabama since 1999. Over the years he has become one of the most widely known video guys in the area covering everything from dance recitals, to marching band competitions, to weddings.  In recent years he has had the great honor to learn from and be taught by some of the most legendary and biggest names in the wedding cinema and photography worlds such as Ray Roman (Miami FL), Sal Cincotta (St. Louis MO), Michael Anthony (Los Angeles CA), and Sherry Hagerman (Chicago IL) to name a few. Working alongside these industry titans has increased his knowledge of weddings and everything related to capturing them in the most incredible way possible for his clients.

Kyle has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in engineering and by day, he works in Huntsville as an Aerospace Engineer. When not shooting weddings on the weekends, he enjoys playing piano and guitar and loves taking trips to the beach and the mountains.

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New 2017 Ministries!

New for the 2017 season. I have added 3 new ministries to my support page, going more international this time!


Pre-Born: Save Babies and Souls

Provides free ultrasounds to mother's who are considering an abortion. They also share the gospel with them.
Learn more about Pre-Born.Org Here


The Mission Ball

The Mission Ball is simply a soccer ball covered with Biblical text. It includes the 10 Commandments, God’s simple plan of Salvation, and selected Scripture. It is used around the world!

Learn more about The Mission Ball Here


Tomorrow Clubs

The Tomorrow Clubs partner with the local church to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and long term discipleship to children in underserved communities through weekly Bible clubs.

Learn more about The Tomorrow Clubs Here



Regular Favorite Ministries

Your support of my wedding services helps me spread the amazing life changing gospel of Jesus Christ through several important ministries. These ministries provide a source of hope, healing, and restoration. I encourage you to investigate these and to support them financially and through prayer.


 - The Biggest Project

 - Life is Best

 - Wretched Radio


The following pastors are ones whom I really enjoy listening to and I encourage you to listen as well! Search for their related apps in you app store too!


- John MacArthur - Grace To You

- Jeff Schreve - From His Heart Ministries

- Charles Stanley - In Touch


You've either paid, or are about to pay, a large amount of money for your wedding. Unlike most businesses, we DO NOT want to see you as a repeat customer!  We want your marriage to stand the test of time. I believe we have been blessed by God with creative talents and skills for a purpose. Aside from capturing one of the most amazing days in your life, I feel we also have an obligation to share some information about marriage with you.  Over the years we have learned about some resources which may be of help in your marriage both now and in the future. If you have questions about finances, kids, marriage, or other life issues, knowing where to look for help is a great place to start - and these resources are some of the best!

Dave Ramsey - Finances

Focus on the Family - Life

Family Life Today - Life

Just click on the images above to be taken to the website. I also encourage you to download the apps for all 3 as well (found in your Android or Apple app stores) on your smart phone.


If you are on Facebook, there are some great resources on there that provide advice, encouragement, and insight on marriages. You don't need an account to see the content, but if you are a Facebook member, you can get encouraging and positive life-improving tips in real time on a daily basis in your news feed


Marriage -

Marriage 365 -

Family Talk -

Focus on the Family -

Family Life Today -

Shaunti Feldhahn -

Husbands and Dads

I'm a guy, so I'm going focus on guys for this section. These are 2 great books I recommend on getting up to speed on what it takes to be a truly great husband and dad. Be sure to get these and read them!

Being a Dad Who Leads - John MacArthur


Purchase on Amazon

The Exemplary Husband - Stuart Scott


Purchase on Amazon

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