In 1999, my friends and I were filming a comedy show for the local public access cable channel in Decatur, AL. One day a friend not involved in the project asked me to help him film a wedding. I immediately discovered that capturing one of the most important days in someone's life was exciting, thrilling, and very rewarding! Ever since then, I have been filming weddings and events all across the South East. This has  been a fun and amazing journey that I hope to continue for a few more years. I'm thankful for the support of my family and friends!

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Thank You!

Your support of my wedding services helps me spread the amazing life changing gospel of Jesus Christ through several important ministries. These ministries provide a source of hope, healing, and restoration. I encourage you to investigate these and to support them financially and through prayer.

 - The Biggest Project

 - Life is Best

 - Wretched Radio


The following pastors are ones whom I really enjoy listening to and I encourage you to listen as well!

- John MacArthur - Grace To You

- Jeff Schreve - From His Heart Ministries

- Charles Stanley - In Touch


You've either paid, or are about to pay, a large amount of money for your wedding. Unlike most businesses, we DO NOT want to see you as a repeat customer!  We want your marriage to stand the test of time. I believe we have been blessed by God with creative talents and skills for a purpose. Aside from capturing one of the most amazing days in your life, I feel we also have an obligation to share some information about marriage with you.  Over the years we have learned about some resources which may be of help in your marriage both now and in the future. If you have questions about finances, kids, marriage, or other life issues, knowing where to look for help is a great place to start - and these resources are some of the best!

Dave Ramsey - Finances

Focus on the Family - Life

Family Life Today - Life

Just click on the images above to be taken to the website. I also encourage you to download the apps for all 3 as well (found in your Android or Apple app stores) on your smart phone.


If you are on Facebook, there are some great resources on there that provide advice, encouragement, and insight on marriages. You don't need an account to see the content, but if you are a Facebook member, you can get encouraging and positive life-improving tips in real time on a daily basis in your news feed


Marriage -

Marriage 365 -

Family Talk -

Focus on the Family -

Family Life Today -

Shaunti Feldhahn -

Husbands and Dads

I'm a guy, so I'm going focus on guys for this section. These are 2 great books I recommend on getting up to speed on what it takes to be a truly great husband and dad. Be sure to get these and read them!

Being a Dad Who Leads - John MacArthur


Purchase on Amazon

The Exemplary Husband - Stuart Scott


Purchase on Amazon

Other Fun Apps

These are some additional apps that I use pretty regularly. "The Bible" app is great because you can always have it with you in convenient form, with multiple translations! "I Heart Radio" and "Tunein" are live streaming apps that allow you to get hundreds of local stations and national radio programs anywhere at any time. These are essential for long car rides!

"Grace to You" is an app which features John MacArthur's Biblical teachings (hundreds of archived sermons on every conceivable topic) at your finger tips. This is truly an amazing resource.  "Wretched" is an app featuring comedian Todd Friel. There is a live radio show from 2:00-4:00 PM, but it loops 24/7 so you can join in progress at any time.

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