Thank you for taking the time to view my work and learn about what I do. There is nothing more satisfying than having my clients completely trust me to document their wedding day. Knowing that I am preserving all these amazing memories for generations to come, it is an honor that I do not take lightly!

Kyle Root Headshot 2017
Kyle with Dr. John MacArthur, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA, Dec 2017.
Kyle at the Opryland Hotel, Dec 2017.


I am a published and award winning photographer who has been into landscape and nature photography since 2012. My work has been featured nationally on The Weather Channel and network news affiliates throughout Alabama. It has also been noted by the Hilton Hotel brand, Florida State Parks, and Aqua Condominiums in Panama City Beach. In 2016 and 2017 I began blending my love of nature and landscape photography with weddings. By day I work as an Aerospace Engineer and have a BS and MS in Engineering from UAH.

THE MISSION (part 1)

Unlike most businesses, I do not want to see you as a repeat customer. If you're looking for marriage help here are a few of the resources I would recommend to get your marriage off to a good start and keep it going! These are 2 of my favorite resources for family, life, and marriage. Note they also have apps and I recommended downloading them from your app store.


1. Focus on the Family

2. Family Life Today

3. Dave Ramsey


THE MISSION (part 2)

By choosing to have me cover your wedding, you are helping me spread the gospel through various online  organizations. You can learn more about the Christian organizations I have partnered with below. If you are looking for solid Biblical outreach ministries, please consider supporting one of these ministries!


I discovered Wretched on TV shortly after being saved in 2013. This program has had a significant impact on my life in the years since. It's theology presented in a fun and easy to learn manner.

I learned about the Tomorrow Clubs through Wretched. I currently sponsor a club in the Ukraine. What a blessing to be able to share the gospel around the world, even though I myself am not currently able to travel internationally.

Oddly, the first episode of Wretched that I saw on TV, they were interviewing someone on the church campus. I travel to Los Angeles a lot for work and one of my best friends from High School (Austin High - go Black Bears!) goes to church here. So I have been to the church campus many times because we usually meet up there. When I recognized where they were filming, I was curious since I had been there before.  Fast forward to Dec 2017 I was in LA for 2 weeks and had the chance to finally go to church and listen to John MacArthur in person! What a blessing!

A new life saving ministry I have joined with by providing financial support for 2018.

A new worldwide missions ministry I have joined with by providing financial support for 2018.

Based out of Texarkana TX, this is one of my favorite television ministries, and I actually have filmed a wedding at this church!

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