Please note that this page is for Pre-Orders which will be delivered to the studio for pickup.


Once the show is over, and the video is completed, all orders from that point on will be placed directly with my distributor through this page and shipped to your home. Additional shipping and handling costs will be applied, so if you want to save money, buy it now!

2018 Adonai DVD Orders

Saturday April 28, 2018; 10 AM, 1 PM, and 6PM


Adonai Shows

2018 Progressive Academy of Dance DVD Orders

Saturday May 19, 2018; 1 PM

2018 School of Fine Arts DVD Orders

Saturday June 2, 2018; 6 PM


It's no secret that DVD is a rapidly declining method of delivery. In order to give you the option for higher quality (High Definition) video files and easy access to the performance(s) of your child, individual performances for 2018 will be made available for purchase after the show is over. If you order a DVD, information (website links for ordering) will be emailed to you when they are ready.

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