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The Something Blue Shop is one of North Alabama's premiere wedding dress shops and is conveniently located in historic downtown Hartselle, Alabama.


The Something Blue Shoppe  opened in 1968 with a passion for all things bridal. Brides from across the USA have chosen The Something Blue Shoppe thanks to their attention to detail, a vast inventory of bridal gowns, and most importantly, personalized customer service.


The Something Blue Shoppe enjoys 2nd and now 3rd generation brides regularly. Mothers want their daughters to have the same wonderful bridal shopping experience they enjoyed as a Something Blue Bride. From traveling to major bridal markets across the United States and abroad, you can expect only the best merchandise at The Something Blue Shoppe


The wedding video below, filmed at a Cullman wedding and reception venue, Stone Bridge Farms, in Cullman Alabama. This cullman wedding video will give you an idea of how special The Something Blue Shop is to Alabama brides shopping for beautiful wedding dresses! Listen to the mother of the bride talk about shopping at The Something Blue Shoppe. The ease of shopping here makes it worth the visit!


Every bride in Huntsville, Decatur, Hartselle, and North Alabama should stop by The Something Blue Shop in Hartselle Alabama to see their wide selection of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and accessories!

Kyle Root Wedding Films, also known as Kyle Root Productions (specializing in wedding videography in Hartselle Alabama), has known the folks at The Something Blue Shop in Hartselle Alabama for many years. Mrs. Morris's daughter was one of our first wedding clients when we started filming weddings in North Alabama as a wedding videography team based out of Decatur Alabama in 2000. Ceil and Bill were married at First United Methodist Church in Decatur Alabama. It was an amazing wedding!


Many brides of ours have purchased their wedding dresses from The Something Blue Shoppe in Hartselle, and they've all had very positive comments about the store.

The Something Blue Shop is located at:

224 Main St West

Hartselle, Alabama 35640


Phone: (256) 773-4956


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Website - The Something Blue Shoppe Website

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For our North Alabama brides who are shopping for their wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, and accessories, here are some helpful tips to consider when choosing your wedding dress:


1 . Research. You should know a little bit about dresses and industry lingo before visiting your North Alabama bridal shop(s) of choice. There are also many North Alabama bridal magazines that will provide a ton of information, including Bliss, and national magazines. The internet is a great resource as well. Check out Pintrest!


2.  Decide on a silhouette. Wedding dresses are made in several different silhouettes. Before considering anything else, know which type of gown will flatter you the best. Look at photos of each type. You can browse wedding website message boards and member profiles for photos of real women wearing gowns, rather than relying on professional photos of models wearing them. The main types of wedding dresses can be categorized as follows: Ball gowns, A-lines, Sheaths, and Empire waist gowns. No matter which you decide, The Something Blue Shoppe can probably meet your needs!


3.  Envision your wedding. Some brides have said that after looking through racks and racks of dresses, they all begin to look the same. So before you even set out to try them on, envision your wedding day and how your dress looks, and jot down a list of things that describe the dress of your daydreams. You don't have to know all the wedding dress terms. Just write down a description of the gown you're envisioning. Example list: "princessy, satin, some shade of white but not pure white, spaghetti straps."


4.  Consider the circumstances - time of year, formal or more casual, climate etc. A wide variety of factors can affect what makes a particular dress appropriate to the occasion.


5.  Decide on a budget. When deciding on your budget, you don't need to set a very specific price. Just make it a general range, such as $1000 - $1500, or even $1000 - $2000. You can always break this rule later if you're able to and really want to, but it helps to have a general range. Some experts suggest devoting 10% of the overall wedding budget to the bride's attire. Just be sure to remember that "attire" includes not just the gown itself, but the other stuff: veil, shoes, slip, jewelry, gloves, etc. All of these things are optional, of course (except for the slip, which is usually necessary to keep the dress from going between your legs when you walk). But you'll have to factor in the price of whatever items you decide to wear with your gown.

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